Impactful innovation through joint partnership

Our rapidly changing world requires real solutions to big and complex challenges—from fighting back against dementia and motor neuron disease to setting society-shaping policies and making groundbreaking scientific discoveries.

We see the big picture and have the expertise to make a difference. Our collaborative partnerships are vital in finding multifaceted solutions to the intricate problems we face.

Expertise and knowledge

Our partnerships provide access to our research expertise, capabilities and knowledge which will help you gain competitive insights and advantages. You will also be able to use the world-class facilities of our universities and benefit from joint funding opportunities.

Consultancy and training

We can also provide a range of consultancy services, including program evaluation, training, analysis and testing, and expert witness services,based on our government background.

Intellectual property (IP)

To facilitate the efficient and timely transfer of our research to industry, government and the community,we can provide many industrial resources.

Partnership Types

Depending on your research needs, we’re able to undertake the following partnerships:CollaborativeResearch is determined together and funding is contributed by both parties.ContractualResearch agenda is set and funded by the third party organization.

Financial support

We offer a generous schemes to encourage research engagement with government, commercial, and philanthropic organizations, which could help fund the first pilot research project with the center.

By partnering with us, your organization may also be eligible to participate in a range of industry sector specific research and innovation financial support schemes in Suzhou.

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