About Suzhou:2500 Years History
  • A paradise on earth with a history of 2500 years. Former political and economical centers of the ancient China
  • The most beautiful canal city in China, filled with manifold legends and myths
  • Home town of Number One Scholars in ancient China ,Home town of modern day Academicians
  • 114Academicians of CAS or CAE are “Suzhounese”,which is No.1 in China
  • Area & Population:
    Municipal Area:8,488 sq km
    Total population:6.67 million

Location Advantages

Suzhou-Shanghai 70KM

Silicon Valley-San Francisco 76 KM

Suzhou to Shanghai ≈ Silicon Valley to San Francisco

Leading Economy in China

The Top 7 National GDP : Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Tianjin, Suzhou.

  • No.1 “One Thousand People Plan” of China
  • No.2 Gross industrial output > RMB3200billion
  • No.3 Per capita income RMB58,806
  • No.4 Total imports and exports RMB2140Billion
  • No.6 Public financial revenue RMB191Billion
  • No.7 Public financial expenditure RMB177Billion
  • No.7 Gross regional product RMB1732Billion
  • No.10 Actually utilized foreign capital RMB4.5billion
Innovative SIP:Suzhou Industrial Park

Suzhou Industrial Park(SIP) was approved by the State Council in February 1994, and started in May 1994. Bilateral Collaboration between China and Singapore

  • No.1 in State-Level Economic Development Zones
  • No.3 in TOP 100 Industry Parks in China
  • No.5 in State-Level High Tech Zones
  • GDP2019:RMB235billion
  • Per Capita GDP:USD40K
  • Import & Export:RMB85.8billion
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