SIP intensifies efforts to develop into a world-class high-tech park

19, May, 2021

The projects have motivated SIP to strive harder to achieve the goal of becoming a world-class high tech park.

SIP is now home to 40-plus research institutions and a number of public service platforms for science and technology development and innovation. SIP authorities have enhanced efforts to attract more research projects and professionals to “enrich the sources of innovation”.

At the same time, SIP is accelerating the pace to introduce innovative tech projects, especially those focusing on biomedicine, nanotech and AI. Statistics show that the area saw the landing of 1,086 new projects of such kind last year.

On the other hand, SIP continues to offer various incentive policies to lure high-end tech professionals from home and abroad. The talent-driven development strategy has shown good effect in promoting high-quality development of local emerging industries.

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