Over 1,581 Projects Agreed & 20,89 Million Participants Worldwide Highlighted the Venture Week in Suzhou

Venture Week for International Elites in Suzhou
20, October, 2020

On the afternoon of June 7th , the opening ceremony of and press conference on the 12th Venture Week     for International Elites & 1st Scientists Day were held and quality innovative project contracts were signed.     Let us look at where it went.

A total of over 1,720 domestic high-end professionals attended the event, among whom more than 49.8% were      PhDs and there were over 1,822 programs presented during the Venture Week.

Besides the main venue in Suzhou, the Venture Week activities were also held in over 14 county-level cities      and districts home and abroad. Over 15 domestic and overseas innovation hubs and 31 foreign cooperative      organizations actively participated in the “cloud” talks and project matching.

Up to now, the city has a total of 1,581 projects agreed, including 1,432 venture capital projects, 149      innovation and cooperation projects, 33 academician projects and 339 were signed online. In addition, 1,297      potential cooperative projects are getting underway. The number of the project contracts discussed and      signed has outnumbered the ones of previous years, achieving the expected goal of going up and reversing the      downward trend.

More than 3.2 million worldwide viewers watched the opening ceremony live and over 20.89 million people      took part in the online and on-the-spot activities and discussions. It has also attracted media attentions      from over 260 overseas organizations , among whom over 200 media reports has reported the event for the      first time ever to more than 100 million viewers.

When the 2020 Venture and Innovation Online Expo for International Elites was launched for the first 3      days, it attracted over 80 thousand viewers and there was a 20-fold increase in the number of people      participated in the event.

During the event, the Venture and Innovation Online Expo was launched, the Suzhou Scientist Medal Awards      were given and the Talent Policy was announced. Also, the name plaque of Suzhou Innovation Cooperation      Center was unveiled. Besides, Suzhou Overseas Entrepreneur & Innovation Center was established.The      Suzhou Outstanding Talent Awards were also given to those who have made great contributions to the      innovation and entrepreneur developments. The Venture Contest for International Entrepreneurs also named the      winners from mainland China.

Suzhou Venture Week for International Elites is a platform for high-caliber talents. Since 2009, it has      raised the theme of gathering global wisdom and creating a paradise for start-ups,and has been successfully      held for two consecutive years. Up till now, over 5,733 projects have been established , including 29      projects with annual sales exceeding 100 million yuan, 12 New OTC Market projects and 2 IPO projects.      Ninety-five percent of the settled projects are about emerging industries with 8,504 licensed patents.      Accelerating talent introduction and cultivation for innovation has given Suzhou a solid presence, which      exerts a strong influence , both at home and abroad. It has also played an important role in boosting the      strategy of not only giving priority to the development of skilled-talents. but also innovation-driven      development.

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